Bloom currently supports most world currencies that your clients can possibly pay you with (excluding digital currencies). Unfortunately we don’t support multi-currency payments per one account as that would interfere with the consistency of payment varieties going into your bank account from one source.

To modify the currency shown to your customers and tax applicable to specific services go to:
Settings > Payments > Currency/Tax rate

Even though Bloom doesn’t give you the option to switch currencies for different customers depending on where they are located - Bloom does give the option to use three different payment methods. This option creates a workaround for a transaction rotation of up to three different currencies. Here’s how you can make this work.

Set up all three payment methods to link with your account.

For your main currency set up your Braintree account - since it will reflect what you have selected as your main currency in Bloom.

For your other two currencies you will have to individually go into Stripe and Square to select which ones you’ll be using.

When you are getting paid for different projects, make sure you select the proper payment method in your settings for each transaction.

As your invoices start to roll in, you can still input all of them into Bloom no matter what currency they are.
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