Giving your clients more control and instant answers to their questions will give you more time to sit back and relax. It's a win-win.

Make it easy for your potential clients to request a date and time based on your availability with Bloom's scheduling Module. No more back and forth wasteful communication needed to just arrange a date that works for both of you.

First, make sure your availability is set up inside your calendar. Head over here if you haven't done that yet.

Inside your portal, go over to your Settings tab and hit Forms.

There are three Form types, Lead Capture, Questionnaire, and Instant Booking - each type serves a specific purpose.

Lead Capture Form is specially designed to do exactly what the name suggests. Easily create forms to collect information from your website visitors. This form is great for various CTAs (Call To Action) and a simple way to add individuals into your Bloom Leads section for further nurturing into paying clients.

Questionnaire Form is the form that can be used within Leads, Estimates, and Bookings to gather additional information that specific to that individual or projects.

Instant Booking Form is the form that is used to create a simple way for clients to book your offered packages in a streamlined and intuitive flow. You'll be able to configure packages, configure available add-ons for customers and set custom availability and even

Click New Form, make a selection for the form type you need and hit Next. The form builder automatically adds the required questions.

Now that you have added the form, give it a name and use the + Add Entry button to add additional questions to your form.

You might want to consider setting a custom Intro and outro messages for each form as well a custom URL.

Give your question a title, ie. Date + Time and decide whether you'd like both the date and time to be displayed or just the date. You can also set this question to required. In this case, your client will not be able to go to the next question until an answer is provided.

Once you're done hit Save and you're all set! Client's can now see your availability reflected in your Lead Form.

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