Just add your Bloom personalized code snippet to every page on your site where you’d like to display the Bloom Messenger and start converting visitors into leads and managing them via Bloom platform, and getting more clients. We recommend to have it on all pages.

The Code Snippet can be found inside your Portal on the Settings > Messenger tab.

To add the script to your website check your template documentation and see if they provide an area for external scripts such as google analytics. Basically, you need to add the script to either the head or footer of your website. If the template doesn't provide an area for adding scripts, you can add support by simply installing a third party plugin that will remove all complexity and inject the script in the appropriate place within the code without the need for any programming knowledge.

We have found that Scripts n Styles is currently one of the more comprehensive plugins that gives a simple way to add custom code snippets to your templates. The Scripts n Styles configurations are by default accessible under the tools section in the Wordpress navigation panel. Add the copied snippet code in the last input area labeled "Scripts (end of the

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