• If your client ever wants to access the invoice themselves they can do so by logging into their personal client portal that they can create through your domain. To learn how they can create one access it, visit here. Once they are in, they can click on the project assigned to them under your name to access the project details and pay for the invoice.

  • In this invoice, they can review all of the project components and sign your contract if you required it.

  • The contract can be found below the amount details and won't allow for the client to pay until the contract is signed. To learn how to set up a contract visit here.

  • After they sign the contract, your client will be prompted to book the project by submitting their payment. Make sure that you have a merchant account set up in order for your clients to be able to submit their payments. If you need assistance setting up your merchant account, follow the steps listed here.

  • After they enter payment details, they can select their payment schedule and finalize the payment.

Please feel free to contact our online support chat if you need further assistance or email us here.

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