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Paying for an Invoice via Client Portal
Paying for an Invoice via Client Portal

When your client receives an invoice, they will see a beautiful layout of all the project details. Here's how they can access it and pay:

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Learn how to direct your clients to their client portal here.

It is very easy for your clients to set up. You copy and send them the invite link, and then your client creates a password and logs in.

Once logged in, your client will be able to see the invoices, pay, download, sign contracts, download any added image galleries, see the project info, and upload and download files in shared assets.

To pay, your clients will have to click the pay invoice button, next to the total due.

In order for your clients to log in, send them the code from your Bloom project. That link can be used to log in, after creating an account.

Also, you can direct them to go to your Bloom sub-domain to log in. If your Bloom website is marked offline, it will just be a place to log into the portal. If you are using a Bloom website then they will have to click the login button after going to your Bloom sub-domain.

Your Bloom sub-domain is the first part of your URL when you are in your bloom portal, for example, You can change your default domain in Settings > Branding.

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