Delivering images to your clients' inside Bloom takes no time at all.

Start by heading over to the Projects tab inside your portal and select the client that you're delivering images to.

Open their project and scroll down to the Image Gallery. You have two options on how you'd like to upload images; directly from your desktop or from an existing gallery inside your portfolio.

If you choose to upload directly from your desktop, hit the image icon and upload your photos.

If you already have a gallery uploaded inside your Portfolio, select "Go to Gallery" and it'll redirect you to your Portfolio where you can select the images or album you wish to deliver.

By default, the album will be named the same as the project. You can add albums or rename the default album by pressing the gear button.

Once you've added the photos into the Client gallery, set your privacy settings for the album in the Share dropdown.

If the gallery is set to private, the client will have to use the same credentials that are in their project to log in and view the gallery.

You also have the option of sharing the gallery link for anyone to view outside of Bloom.

If you decide to do so, make sure you set the gallery to Public, press share to copy the link, and send it to your client.

Once you've finished adding images to the gallery, hit Preview to make sure everything looks great. If you feel the gallery is ready to share, just click on the project name at the top and you'll be redirected back to the project page where you'll see your new gallery.

The last thing you've got to do is send out a message to your client and let them know that their gallery is ready!

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