• Create a template by uploading a PDF or copy/paste your contract. When creating your contract template, be sure to add variables to your document: such as the client’s name, email address, or balance due. When you assign that contract to a new project, it'll automatically populate the correct information into your contract.

  • Customize your invoice number. If you need your invoice numbers to align with your accounting software, you can easily modify your invoice number.

  • Auto-countersign your contracts. Create a signature and apply it automatically to any document you need auto-countersigned. This relieves you from having to go back into your contracts and sign each one as they come in. Once your signature is applied automatically, your clients will immediately have their legally binding document after they sign your contract.

  • Your invoice, contract, and signatures are automatically compiled into one legally binding document. Your invoice and contract are referring to the same project, so they are automatically combined into one PDF document, making it easy to download for you and your client.

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