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Build and Send a Contract
Build and Send a Contract

Creating and Processing a contract is now easier than ever.

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To send a contract you must first upload or create one.

  • Choose between inputting text into your contract, or uploading an existing contract in PDF format.

  • When creating your contract template, add variables to your document: such as the client’s name, email address, or balance due. When you assign that contract to a new project, it'll automatically populate the correct information into your contract.

  • Auto-countersign your contracts. Create a signature and apply it automatically to any document you need auto-countersigned. This relieves you from having to go back into your contracts and sign each one.

  • The only way to send a contract is within a project. If you don't have a project for your client yet, create one by going to Projects > Create Project.

  • After you've added the project info, open the project and select Add Contract.

  • Select which contract you'd like to add, as well as the required signees.

  • You will be prompted to send via email. Click "Yes". You will be able to preview what the contract will look like, and even send a test email to yourself.

  • After previewing, and making sure everything is correct, click Send Email.

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