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Creating and Sending an Invoice
Creating and Sending an Invoice

How to create and send an invoice to your client

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Booking projects and getting paid are at the heart of every freelancing business. To create an invoice, navigate to any project, looks for the invoice section, and click "+ Add".

In the new invoice panel, enter all the relevant invoice fields, such as date, client, and invoice items.

Next, select which payment options you'd like to enable using the options dropdown, next to the payment method. You can add tipping, credit card payments, ACH transfers, financing, add retainer, discounts, sign a contract, and additional fields such as PO or VAT numbers.

While building the invoice you can always check the preview on the right column to see what the email, PDF, and payment page will look like.

When you save the invoice, you will be prompted to send it via email.

Once your client receives the email, they can either download the invoice via PDF or go straight to the payment page and make the payment using any of the options you selected when creating the invoice.

You will be notified as soon as an invoice is paid and it will be reflected in your project dashboard.

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