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How Multiple Users or an Agency Can Utilize Bloom
How Multiple Users or an Agency Can Utilize Bloom

Bloom can work for anyone, whether you’re a solopreneur/freelancer that works as a one-man team or managing a company of employees.

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We thank you for your patience as our team works on building a Studio plan for your team to use. We estimate this plan to be released sometime in 2023. This plan will offer both multi-branding and multi-user support features that give members of your team different levels of access to the software that you control as the admin.

In the meantime we offer 50% off on all additional accounts for users after your first subscription, please contact our team at [email protected] to utilize this deal while we build the new plan. Once the Studio plan is available, our team will integrate all of your Bloom accounts under one.

If you're running on a budget and aren’t ready to get separate Bloom accounts for every partner or employee in your agency, our platform allows an unlimited number of logins that your entire team can access through one user account.

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