When you first create an account on Bloom, you're provided a unique Bloom Url (eg. smithphoto.bloom.io) that allows your Bloom website and portal to be accessible. If you have a personal domain and would like to use it for your Bloom website and portal, there are two steps to set this up.

  • Create a custom A record for your domain without www part. (eg. johnsmithphoto.com)

  • Go to your DNS provider’s website
    Find the area of your domain DNS settings where you edit/create your A Records
    Create an 'A Record' in your provider's DNS manager pointing to ''

  • If you don't already have this, create an CNAME record for WWW host and value set to your domain without www. This will allow the browsers to know that both domain are the same. (eg. johnsmithphoto.com is the same as www.johnsmithphoto.com)

  • Important: DNS changes can sometimes take up to 72 hours to take effect, but are typically much faster.

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