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Setting Up Your Custom Domain in Bloom Account
Setting Up Your Custom Domain in Bloom Account
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Before connecting a domain, be aware that:

  1. If you're looking to set up a custom domain for your custom Bloom website, this is done inside the website builder. Learn more.

  2. If you have an external website, connecting a domain can break it.

Connecting a domain to your Bloom account:

When you create a Bloom account, you're provided a unique Bloom URL (eg. This URL is used for your Bloom portfolio (if online) and client portal login (if the portfolio is set offline).

If you have purchased a custom domain, you can use it instead of your Bloom subdomain.

Not everybody needs to set up a custom domain. You should set a custom domain if:

  • You own a domain name and want to use it with your Bloom account.

  • You want to remove Bloom from your invoices, forms, and client portal URLs.

Keep in mind, if you set up the DNS records of your custom domain to point at your Bloom IP address, it will no longer direct traffic to your custom website.

Go to Settings > Branding > Set a Custom Domain

When setting up your custom domain, you have two options: auto-connect and manually configure.

Auto Connect:

Click on "Auto Connect". This will open a popup that asks you to enter the domain you wish to connect.

If you wish to create a sub-domain, you can do so by checking the "I want to use a sub-domain" box.

After entering your domain name, it will determine your domain registrar, and ask you to log in.

If your registrar is supported, it will create DNS records for you.

If your registrar is not supported, you will need to manually configure it.

Manually Configure:

To set up your custom domain:

  • Create a custom A record for your domain without the www part. (eg.

  • Go to your DNS provider’s website
    Find the area of your domain DNS settings where you edit/create your A Records
    Create an 'A Record' in your provider's DNS manager pointing to ''

  • If you don't already have this, create a CNAME record for the WWW host and value set to your domain without www. This will allow the browsers to know that both domains are the same. (eg. is the same as

  • Important: DNS changes can sometimes take up to 72 hours to take effect but are typically much faster.

    In summary:

    So A record will point >

    C name will point www >

    To get started, log in to your Bloom account by clicking the button below.

    Get Started

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