Automated emails give you a massive shortcut to your workflow. You can configure various automated emails such as reminders, follow-up emails, marketing campaigns, and more. No more keeping track of who, what, when, and where your emails need to go.

Let's get you set up:

  • Select New Automation inside the Settings tab of your Portal and give your automated email a name.

  • Select which email you'd like to be automated. If you've already created an email template before, you can select one of those. Otherwise select Add a New Template and write up the email inside the new template field.

  • Decide when you'd like your email to be sent out. You can decide to set the automated email to go out on the project date, after the project is booked, several days before or after, etc.

  • Add the rules and conditions for this automated email. For example; If this is an automated email for your wedding clients, select Specialty, Wedding, and the 'All rules must be met' button to make sure this email goes out to every wedding client that you are working with. Now, this specific email template will only go out to your wedding clients under the conditions that you set.

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