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How to automate questionnaires in Bloom
How to automate questionnaires in Bloom

Unlike all other forms, questionnaires are always tied to a specific lead or project.

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To send a questionnaire you can use the message function in the lead/project page, or create an automation to have it sent automatically.

Here are the steps of how you can create and send an automated Questionnaire Form:

If you haven’t created a questionnaire template yet, go to:

Dashboard > Settings > Forms > New Form > Questionnaire Form

You can create as many templates as you want. After you’ve created these templates and are ready to put them into action go to:

Settings > Automations > New Automation > Send Questionnaire

When creating an automation - add a title, select the template that you want to send out in this specific automation, and at what point during the project workflow you would want it sent out. You can only send out one template per automation.

Even though you can send out only one template at one specific time per automation, you can create several rules for how you want your questionnaire to be sent out as long as they don’t negate each other.

Once you’ve set your rule(s) for the automation, make sure to check off that all the rules are met before saving. That way your automation sends out properly without missing a single step. Upon saving and creating your automated questionnaire it is automatically set to ‘Active’ and will be sent out to anyone that the rules and triggers apply to.

If at any time you need to deactivate the automation you may do so by going to:

Dashboard > Settings > Automations > Automation Status

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