The Bloom calendar was built to give you a clean and convenient way to manage all of your business events. Anytime you create a project or receive a lead project request, it automatically shows up in your calendar so that you don’t accidentally double book.

Once you integrate a calendar with Bloom, it will affect your booking availability in Bloom. If you have an event in Google or iCal, that time frame will be unavailable for your clients to book.

You can integrate your calendars outside of Bloom. Simply use the Calendars drop-down and click on “Edit Calendars”. To add an external calendar, subscribe to your external calendar feed. Click on “Add External Feed” and enter the Feed Name and Feed URL.

External iCal Integration

To add an iCal feed, use the link on the right of your calendars to access the URL. Simply copy and paste it into your calendar and click Subscribe.

External Google Calendar Integration

Make your Google calendar public.

To add a Google calendar, navigate to your Google calendar details page, and click on “Share this Calendar” on the top tab. Next, select to share the calendar with others and make the calendar public. Once this is done, you are ready to get your Google Calendar URL.

Locate and copy your Google Calendar URL.

Click on “Calendar Details” and scroll down to “Calendar Address”. Click on iCal and you will see a popup with your calendar’s URL. Copy this URL and paste it into your Bloom External Feed field. You can give any name to the feed that you wish. Once you’re ready, click “Subscribe” and you will see your calendar show up in your feed list.

Subscribing to a Bloom Calendar

You can also see your Bloom calendars in your external calendars. Simply copy the Bloom calendar’s URL and add it to your external calendar.

Adding Bloom calendar to Google

For Google, use the “Other Calendars” dropdown to add a calendar using a URL.

Adding Bloom calendar to iCal

For iCal, go to File / New Calendar Subscription and paste your calendar URL.

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