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Calendar Integrations

How to integrate iCal, Google Calendar, Outlook, and other calendars.

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Go to the calendar tab. Click the filter button, then "Edit Calendars".

Once you integrate a calendar with Bloom, it will affect your booking availability in Bloom. If you have an event in Google, that time frame will be unavailable for your clients to book.

Click "Add Google Calendar" to bring all your Google events into Bloom.

Click "New Feed" to get other calendars into Bloom.

Copy and paste "My Calendar" and "Bloom Projects" ical links, adding them to your external calendars, in order to get Bloom projects and events to show up. You will have to do this for Google as well.

External Google Calendar Integration

Make your Google calendar public.

Click "Add Google Calendar".

There will be a Google popup. Follow the prompt and log in to your Google account.

After you complete this your Google events should populate in Bloom. In order to get Bloom events into Google, you'll need to copy the ical links from Bloom, and add them to Google.

In your Google Calendar, next to "Other calendars" click the " + " button. Then click "From URL".

Paste both of the ical links from Bloom here.

External iCal Integration

To add an iCal feed, use the link on the right of your calendars to access the URL. Simply copy and paste it into Bloom, after clicking "New Feed".

Subscribing to a Bloom Calendar

You can also see your Bloom calendars in your external calendars. Simply copy the Bloom calendar’s URL and add it to your external calendar.

Adding Bloom calendar to iCal

For iCal, go to File / New Calendar Subscription and paste your calendar URL.

Note, Google or iCal events will appear in Bloom much faster than Bloom events will take to show up in Google or iCal. Bloom is able to check for calendar updates very often. Google takes hours before checking for updates from other calendars. It will take time for Bloom calendar updates to show up in Google or iCal.

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