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Managing Events and Projects in your Calendar
Managing Events and Projects in your Calendar
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Your Bloom calendar is the perfect host for all of the important dates and events that you need to keep organized within your workflow. Anything from a doctor's appointment to an important shoot, you can schedule and keep track of it all here.

There are two different ways to create a new event in your Bloom calendar:

  • Select the date of the event and fill out the details according to the new event. You can block out the entire day or just section out the several hours that you’ll be busy.

  • Create a new project. Any new projects that you create will automatically add a new event into your calendar as well as all of the details associated with that new project.

After you add events/projects in your calendar, those dates will be reflected as "Busy" when clients go to schedule a project with you through the booking module on your website.

Inside your Settings tab, you'll see the Scheduling section where you can have control over your calendar availability on how a client can schedule a shoot.

You can customize anything from the max amount of bookings you allow to the flexibility of your clients canceling and rescheduling their bookings.

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