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How to Create a New Lead
How to Create a New Lead
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Using our Lead Management toolset, you can keep track of every person who has interacted with you, whether that's through the messenger on your website or a contact from a source outside of Bloom.

Converting conversations into leads is the best way to ensure you make the most of every opportunity.

Here's how you can create and manage a new lead:

  • Go to the Leads tab in your Portal. Title your lead and select the specialty you'd like to associate with your new lead.

  • Add the primary contact for this lead. When you type the name or email, Bloom will automatically surface any contacts you have in your Contacts List that match that name/email address. If this was a past client, select their name, and all of the fields will pull their information automatically.

  • Tag your Leads. Using Tags is a great way to organize your leads and makes it easier for you to search for any leads assigned to specific types of projects that you usually book.

  • Add a date or any internal notes for this project.

  • Review the information to make sure it's all correct and hit save. You're all done!

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