All Bloom websites feature clear calls to action, where your website visitors can fill out a lead form. You can fully customize this lead. Go to settings > forms > new form > lead capture

If you leave your intro field empty, it will simply not surface and your visitors will be taken straight to your questions.

When building your questionnaire, you can add as many questions as you need to. But keep in mind, that the more questions you require, the less likely you’ll have them filled out. You can always request more information from your clients when you book them. For now, it is best to only inquire about that information which will help you turn them into a paying client.

When you create a new question, use the options icon on the right of each question to edit the question. Select from Short Paragraph, a Multiple Choice, a Yes/No Question, Date, or Client Info.

By definition, the client info question is required for the lead to be captured. As soon as the client info question is answered, your lead is officially captured and you will receive an email notifying that you have received a new lead.

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