You can create and send an estimate one of two ways:

  1. You can convert a current lead that you've been nurturing into an estimate instead of sending them straight to the project workflow:

    • Leads > Select a lead > Covert to > New Estimate

2. You can create an estimate without having a lead, and instead, create a direct estimate for one of your contacts:

  • Projects > Estimates > Create Estimate

  • If you are creating an estimate from a lead, please make sure that their information looks correct and up-to-date. If you are creating an estimate from scratch you will have to input their client/contact info manually - unless you already have them saved in your contacts. After you're done filling out the contact details, please be sure to input all the other project variables to your best ability:

  • If you don't have a preset invoice template for this estimate you'll have to create one from scratch. If you think you might have late use for this invoice again for future projects, you can always save it as a new template:

  • Once you've created the estimate, you can now send it to your lead/client for them to look over the terms. You can also use a pre-made template for this if you have one built:

  • Your client will receive an email with a link to the estimate:

  • They can look over the details, terms, pricing, and can even pay right away if you gave them that ability when you were creating the invoice:

  • Once your client decides if they want to proceed with the price offered. They will either pay for the invoice and the system will automatically convert them to your project workflow. Or if they give you a verbal agreement without paying yet, you can manually convert them yourself in the estimate settings:

    • Projects > Estimates > Convert to Project

Congratulations! You've now successfully turned your potential client/lead into a real client that is now working with you. This is where the fun part of your job begins.

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