Giving clients a unique user experience in your online store/freelancing business not only shows more professionalism on your part but also gives your clients more assurance when they're able to access their project details at any time.

This simplifies your job of not having to answer as many questions regarding project details in endless conversations. The client portal also allows for your client to pay their invoice directly at any time instead of having to ask you for an invoice link again. You can direct your client to access this portal in the following ways:

If you choose to use the Bloom subdomain for your website. Your client can access their portal by simply logging in to your site:

If you'd like to send your clients directly to the login or account creation with a URL that you're attaching to an email or message. Simply add the ' /login ' slug at the end of your subdomain's URL:

If you want to have a client portal attached to your already existing site. You can use your Bloom subdomain URL without the ' /login ' slug for re-directing purposes. However, you'll have to make sure to take your Bloom site offline in the website settings before doing so:

Head to Website > Profile > Online > Switch to 'Offline'

When your client accesses the portal login settings they'll be prompted to create an account to log in if they don't have one already:

Make sure that your client signs up with the email you have attached to their Contact/Lead/Project:

After logging in, your client will be able to access the project you're working on for them:

In addition to accessing the gallery from their portal, your client can also pay the invoice if they choose to.

Similar to most other user experiences. Your client can edit their own account information, set a profile picture, and even add their preferred card information for an easier payment transaction on current or future projects:

In case your client ever needs to access past projects in their portal for future reference - we recommend archiving the project once you're finished instead of deleting it.

Please feel free to contact our online support chat if you need further assistance or email us here.

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