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Directing Your Clients to Their Client Portal
Directing Your Clients to Their Client Portal

Learn how to direct your clients to their Bloom Portal with the following steps:

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Bloom's client portal is a great way for your clients to see their invoices, contracts, and assets, along with any other project info.

In order for your clients to have a client portal, you will need to have a Bloom project, with the client as the main contact in the project.

Go to the projects tab, and select the project that has a client that wants a portal. If you don't have a project, click "Create Project" on the top right.

After you've created a project, look at the section immediately to the right of the contact info. You will see two client portal-related buttons, "Preview" and "Copy Invite URL".

Click preview to see what the portal will look like for your client.

Copy and send the invite URL to your client, so they can log in.

Your client must use the email associated with the Bloom project for the login to work.

When your client is creating their password, they will see their name, email, and a place to create a password.

After your client creates their account, they will have access to the portal. They can see and pay invoices, sign contracts, download galleries, view project info, upload or download shared assets and more.

At any point, your client may go to your Bloom subdomain, (starting with https, ending with i.e.

Going to this domain will prompt your client to log in.

It is important to note that if you are not using a Bloom website, you should go to the website tab, and make sure it is set to offline.

If you have your website on, there will still be a "Log in" button for your clients to access the portal.

If you have your website off, then all your clients will see are the text fields to log in to their portal, as well as your logo.

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