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Scheduling Mini-Sessions with Bloom
Scheduling Mini-Sessions with Bloom

Learn how to book mini-sessions through Bloom's Instant Booking Form with the following instructions:

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Mini-sessions are the perfect solution for any freelancer to pick up a large variety of projects quickly. Whether you're a photographer that likes to do mini-session shoots on the weekends or a fitness coach that has a variety of clients throughout certain days of the week - this type of schedule can apply to almost any freelancing specialty. To learn more about how you can set up this type of scheduling form by following the steps below.

  • Head to Settings > Forms > New Form

  • Select Instant Booking Form > Next

  • To create your mini sessions package(s) head to the editing section of the Instant Booking entry inside your form:

  • Head over to + Create New Package

  • Be sure to input any detail that your clients need to know for this package - such as: how long does the mini-session last, what is included in the shoot (also known as Items), how much will you be charging per item, any necessary contracts, and of course - a package title and cover art.

  • Add any necessary pricing changes and activate your preferred method of payment. (ACH will only be available for users with Stripe as their default payment platform. You can learn how to set it up here.)

  • Save your package and head back to the entry settings. Here you can apply the mini-session scheduling setting to your form.

    • Activate Set a limited date range > Select the specific dates during which you want to book your mini-sessions. (You can always go back and add more if needed or simply change your schedule through the Calendar Availability settings if you're not available for one of the days you've previously selected.)

  • Hit Save after selecting the dates. After being redirected back to the form settings you can add any additional entries that will help you and your client better communicate before the session.

  • Be sure to give your form a distinctive name that you can always find it under in case you need to edit or delete it. Your intro and outro can be used to give your clients a better understanding of what to expect out of this session.

  • You can edit the slug of your form's URL for it to be specific to the form title. You can also embed the form directly into your own site if you're choosing not to serve it through Bloom. To learn more about embedding forms visit here.

  • Make sure to save your mini-sessions form and preview it to make sure everything looks correct before sending, posting, or embedding it anywhere.

  • After saving the form head over to your Scheduling settings to make sure they are set properly and that you have a comfortable amount of time increment in between each session.

  • Double-check your Calendar Availability as well to make sure you are available on the days of your mini-session, and that your hours of availability look correct.

  • You can now send and post your mini-session form via URL, embed it on your site, or take it a step further and use it in your service advertisements. When your clients open the form they'll only see the available dates and times for the mini-session without seeing the rest of your availability for bigger projects.

  • If given the ability, your client can either pay right away via card or ACH.

  • Once a project is booked you will receive a confirmation email with all the necessary details. From there you can redirect to the project workflow and start preparing for the session.

  • You can also access the sessions via Calendar and move around the dates and times if necessary.

  • If you ever need to edit the form, add new dates for sessions, or delete the form you can always access it in Settings > Forms.

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