When creating or editing your Form, Bloom gives you the option to present it to new or potential clients in a variety of ways. You can send it via URL in an Email, add that URL in a social post or have it in your bio. You can also directly embed it in your already existing site (if you choose not to build one through Bloom). Whether you'd like to use a button popup or directly embed it under one of your own tabs - here are the steps on how you'd do so:

  • Before adding any Forms. Make sure you've added the Bloom code snippet to the page where you want to add the Form. Remember, this process only has to be done once - you will not need this snippet for every additional form that you add to the same page. You can find the Snippet in any of your Form or Messenger settings (If you already added the snippet when integrating the messenger you can skip this step and go straight to embedding Form code):

    • Settings > Forms > New Form or choose an existing Form > Button Popup or Direct Embed > Get Code > Copy Code


    • Settings > Messenger > Get Code > Copy Code

  • To find the location of the embed in Shopify, follow these steps:

Step 1 - Edit Code

  • From your Shopify dashboard head to:

    • Online Store > Themes > Actions > Edit Code

Step 2 - Add Bloom Snippet

  • From the left-hand menu, select theme.liquid > create a space below the <head> tag.

  • Paste our code directly below the <head> tag in your theme's coding.

Step 3 - Enable/Disable Messenger

  • After you've successfully added the code snippet before the </head> tag. You may notice that every page you added it to will now have your Bloom Messenger pop-up. If you'd like to only embed the forms without having the Messenger, please be sure to go disable it in the Settings. If you'd like to keep the Messenger pop-up, please skip this step:

    • Settings > Messenger > Status > Off

Step 4 - Add Form Code

  • Head back to your Form settings and Copy the second code that is specific to your form:

  • Paste this code in between the <body></body> tags on every page you want your form on hit Save and there you have it - your Bloom forms are now live on your Shopify site.

Form button embed example

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