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Integrate Bloom Messenger into a Shopify site
Integrate Bloom Messenger into a Shopify site

Learn how to integrate your personal chat widget into a Shopify site with the following steps:

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  • Add your Bloom personalized code snippet to every page on your site where you’d like to display the Bloom Messenger and start converting visitors into leads and managing them via Bloom's platform, and getting more clients. We recommend having it on all pages.

  • The Code Snippet can be found inside your Messenger settings:

    • Settings > Messenger > Scroll down to the very bottom > Get Code

  • Copy Code

  • To find the location of the embed in Shopify, follow these steps:

Step 1 - Edit Code

  • From your Shopify dashboard head to:

    • Online Store > Themes > Actions > Edit Code

Step 2 - Add Bloom Snippet

  • From the left-hand menu, select theme.liquid > create a space below the <head> tag.

  • Paste our code directly below the <head> tag in your theme's coding.

  • Validate that the Bloom Widget now loads on your website and that's it!

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