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Sending Bloom notifications to a second email address
Sending Bloom notifications to a second email address

How to set up email forwarding for all of Bloom's notification emails.

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Some freelancers and small business owners don't always have time to acknowledge a new lead, booking, or scheduled call. Often they have an assistant that they'd like to notify when this happens.

While Bloom does not have a method to simply add another recipient's email, this is possible through Gmail forwarding.

First, make sure you've connected your Gmail account to Bloom. Go to Settings > Branding, and scroll down to email setup.

Next, open up your Gmail. Click the gear icon to open settings, then 'See all settings'.

Go to the Forwarding/POP/IMAP settings.

Click 'Add a forwarding address'. Type in the email you wish this to be sent to. After you confirm the email address, a verification email will be sent to that email. You will need the verification code.

Add a filter. Make sure you put in the 'from' section.

Click 'Create filter'.

Scroll down to the 5th checkbox that says: 'Forward it to:' and select the email you have verified.

After this, click 'Create filter' at the bottom, and everything is set up to forward notification emails from Bloom.

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