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How to get paid with Cash App, Venmo, Zelle, or PayPal.
How to get paid with Cash App, Venmo, Zelle, or PayPal.

Give your clients more ways to pay invoices.

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Go to Settings > Payments.

Scroll down to "Other payment methods".

Click the ' + ' button to connect your username.

Simply type your username. Do not add URLs.

For PayPal, you enter your URL extension. You can find this by logging in to your Paypal account and clicking the โš™๏ธ icon. Copy what comes after the /, and enter it into Bloom.

For CashApp, your username is what follows after the $ symbol. Do not include the $ symbol.

For Venmo, in the app, your username can be found in the "me" tab, near your profile image. Do not include the @ symbol.

For Zelle, enter your 10-digit phone number. Do not enter the country code, spaces, or symbols.

Adding your username here will make these payment options available when creating invoices.

When creating or editing an invoice, go to "Options" next to "Payment method".

Select all your desired payment methods.

Note, these invoice buttons will direct your clients to send money to your account. Your client will have to manually enter the invoice amount.

Invoices paid with these methods will not reflect inside your Bloom portal. You'll have to manually record the transaction within the project.

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