If you are using a Bloom website, you can enable reviews. This only applies to Bloom websites, and cannot be used otherwise.

Go to the Profile tab in your Bloom portal, then click Reviews.

Profile > Reviews

Toggle on "Show Reviews" to allow your clients to review your business. You will now have another page on your Bloom website, that allows clients to leave a review.

When clients write reviews, they will rate you from 1-5 stars on overall value, quality, professionalism, processing time, and communication. They will also describe their experience in their own words.

When someone leaves you a review, you have the option to reply or hide the review. To do this, go to Profile > Reviews. To hide a review, click the eye button. When a review is hidden, the icon will be crossed out. The screenshot below is of a visible review.

You can view the full details of their review by clicking the 3 dots, and then clicking "See full details". To reply to a review, click the reply button.

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