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Comprehensive Calendar Tutorial
Comprehensive Calendar Tutorial

How to setup your calendar and connect your external calendars.

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Welcome to your calendar in Bloom!

This page has everything you need to keep your calendar in bloom. Watch the short video below to learn how to set up your calendar for the first time in Bloom.

Your To-Do list for setting up the Bloom calendar.

  1. Setup your availability

  2. Connect your Google Calendar

  3. Connect your Apple Calendar

  4. Connect Bloom to Google Calendar

  5. Connect Bloom to Apple Calendar

1. Setup Your Availability

Availability settings in Bloom are where you set the working hours for your business. These working hours can be set to be the same for each day you are working or specific to certain days. You can also block off entire days or specific days on a one-off basis.

Setting your working hours:

To set your working hours, first toggle on your availability settings in the upper right corner of your calendar screen.

You can set your availability for a specific day by clicking the down arrow at the top of the day you want to set your availability for. In this case, we are turning on availability for Friday from 8 am to 5 pm. This will apply to all the Fridays on your calendar.

If you want to set your availability on a specific day in the month, you can do that by clicking on the specific day you need to adjust your hours for.

For this example, we will remove our availability entirely on Tuesday the 20th and modify our hours on Wednesday the 21st to only work half a day.

2. Connect your Google Calendar

You can quickly bring your Google calendar & all its events into bloom by connecting your google calendar. Just toggle back to the events view and click the three horizontal lines directly to the right of the toggle switch.

You can click on "Edit Calendars" and connect your Google account by clicking on the rectangular "Add Google Calendar" button.

Go ahead and sign in with your preferred Google account, and it will automatically pull in your public calendars from

3. Connect your Apple Calendar

Adding your Apple calendar to Bloom is easy. All you have to do is go to your calendar app on your Mac and choose the calendar you want to add to Bloom.

Click the face Icon and make your calendar public. Now click on "done," then select the calendar again and click the face icon again. Here you will see that your calendar now has an access link. Copy the access link and go back to your Bloom calendar.

Once you are in Bloom, click the "+ New Feed" button directly to the right of the button you clicked on to connect your google calendar. Next, give your calendar a name, ideally matching the name of your calendar in Apple Calendar. Now, paste the URL that you copied from Apple Calendar.

You will see your Apple Calendar as a new calendar under the Google Calendars you recently added. You can toggle the calendar on and off as you see fit. To remove any of the calendars we added, click the trash can to the right of the calendar, and that calendar will be deleted from bloom.

4. Connect Bloom to Google Calendar

Syncing your native Bloom calendars into Google Calendar is a simple process. First, copy the .ics link for the calendar you want to sync. Second, go to your Google calendar and click the + icon next to "Other calendars." Select "From URL" and paste the link you copied from Bloom. Click the add calendar button to sync your bloom calendar to Google. You can also click the calendar settings button and change the name of your calendar to something like "Bloom Events" or whatever name helps you tell it apart from your other calendars in Google. Repeat this process for your Bloom Projects calendar.

5. Connect Bloom to Apple Calendar

Syncing your Bloom calendar to Apple's calendar is similar to the process we just did with Google. First, Copy the link from bloom, and in Apple calendar, click the File > New Calendar Subscription button.

Paste your .ics link from Bloom and click Subscribe in Apple Calendar. In the next window that comes up, you will be able to change the name of your calendar as well as customize the color. We recommend changing your auto-refresh rate to once every 5 minutes to keep your calendars always up to date. Now just click ok, and you are all done!

Congratulations! Your Bloom calendar is now synced up with your Apple calendar.

P.S. You will see that there are two native calendars inside Bloom. The first one, titled My Calendar, will contain any dates and times from the scheduling question within any of your forms. The second one, titled Bloom Projects, will contain just the dates and times for your specific projects. You can use any of these links and sync them with your external calendar.

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