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Master Your Branding Settings in Bloom
Master Your Branding Settings in Bloom

Branding settings in Bloom help you customize your account to fit your brand.

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Welcome to your branding settings in Bloom!

Here you can upload your logo, define your brand colors, and much more. Watch this short video to learn everything you can do in your branding settings.

Things to remember...

  • You will need two versions of your logo. One that works well on a white background & another that works well on a black background.

  • For best results, upload a transparent PNG file close to 250x60 pixels in size.

How specialties work...

  • This is where you define the different types of work your company does.

  • Specialties help send tailored automations just for specific types of clients.

  • You can also set a specialty when you create a lead or a project.

Connect your social media accounts...

  • Use the social media area to connect your social media accounts.

  • These links will show up as icons on your Bloom portfolio pages.

Set your sub-domain, site title & site description

  • Your sub-domain is the link where your invoices and portfolio pages will be hosted. You can choose what comes before the portion of the domain name.

  • Your Favicon is what displays in the Tab area of your browser. For best results, upload a 32x32px transparent version of your logo.

  • The site title shows up when you send any of your links via sms or share your site on social media.

  • Your site description will show directly under your domain name on google in search results to communicate more about your brand.

Setup your custom domain

Suppose you have purchased a domain and want to remove from your URLs. You are going to want to connect your custom domain.

  • Connect a custom domain to make all your links in bloom branded to your business.

  • This includes your invoices, quotes, lead forms & portfolio pages.

  • Click the button below to watch our tutorial on exactly how to set up your custom domain.

Email signature & email setup

  • You can connect your Gmail account to send mail from your default sending address in Gmail.

  • This works for both standard Gmail accounts as well as google workspace accounts.

  • You can automatically create an email signature using the auto-create button next to the email signature dialog box.

  • This will pull in your avatar, display name, login email & phone number to create a beautiful email signature.

That's it for setting up your branding settings! Reach out anytime if you have further questions. πŸ‘‡

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