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Lead Forms in Bloom
Lead Forms in Bloom

Capture leads from everywhere and funnel them all into Bloom

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Lead forms are one of the most powerful features inside Bloom. Inside a lead form, you can ask a variety of different questions. You'll be able to follow the steps below to learn everything you need to know about Bloom Lead Forms.

Optimizing lead forms for your specific business can make a massive impact on your business. If you want one of our experts to create a lead form for you and install it on your website, book a free call below, and we will get these all set up for you!

Your Lead Forms Checklist

  1. Edit your form title and URL

  2. Choose the types of questions you want to ask.

  3. Create a multiple-choice question

  4. Create a Yes/No question

  5. Make a short paragraph question.

  6. Make a short text question.

  7. Create a scheduling question

  8. Let your customers choose a specialty.

  9. Optimize the order in which you ask questions

Form Title & Form URL

The form title is the name your form has. This is used to keep track of the different lead forms you create. Secondly, you have the form URL area. This is where you get to choose the URL your form will have. You can also copy the complete form URL by clicking the two small squares to the right of this field.

Form Question Types:

Bloom comes with a great variety of question types for you to choose from. Everything from multiple choice questions & Yes/No questions to scheduling questions and everything in between. Follow along in the sections below to see more about what each question type does.

Add Multiple Choice Questions:

Multiple-choice questions are one of the best types of questions you can ask. They are simple for your client to answer and only require one tap when they are on their mobile device. You can ask anything from color preferences to budget ranges your prospect prefers using these multiple-choice questions.

Add Yes/No Questions:

Yes/No Questions are similar to multiple choice questions in that they are easy to fill out on your phone and make the prospect's decision-making process a breeze.

Use these questions to answer simple yes or no questions like "Are you interested in business cards with your headshot order?"

Short Paragraph Question

The short paragraph option lets your prospects tell you more about their needs. This can be used to help your prospects understand what they are looking for and allow you to tailor your quote to their specific needs.

Text Field Question

The text field allows your client to enter a short text answer. This is useful for asking questions like the name of their wedding venue or zip code where they need services.

Scheduling Question

This question allows your prospect to pick a time on your calendar that works for their session. This can determine a time for everything from their session date to when they would like to have a call with you. Please feel free to make this question required or optional. You can also set a limited date range on this question so that it will only show dates that you want to book specifically. This is useful for users who run promotions towards services delivered on specific days, like photographing mini sessions.

You can also opt to use your availability settings. This will allow people to book any available time within the availability settings you have set on your calendar and is not already blocked off from a different event coming from one of your 3rd party connected calendars. You can use the limited date range and availability settings in tandem with each other for more specific control. You can also choose to turn one or both of them off for a more open calendar. Just keep in mind that if you turn them all off, your leads will be able to choose times when you are busy with other events on your calendar.

Specialty Question

The specialty question is super helpful for your clients to pick the type of session they are looking for. While this question is not required, you can use it to trigger specific automations for leads with that specialty.

Change the order of your form questions:

You can change the order you ask questions in your forms. This is super powerful when you implement it the right way. For example, we recommend starting your forms with simple multiple-choice or Yes/No questions. This makes it easy for your prospect to begin filling out the form; the farther they get into the process, the more likely they will finish. For forms where you are trying to capture leads for your business, we suggest using only Yes/No questions or Multiple choice questions. Then you can follow that up with the necessary contact information step. This is a significant shift compared to most of your competition's lead forms, where they are forcing their customers to fill out a long, complicated document.

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