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Bank Transfers

How to add your bank account number to invoices to receive bank wire transfers.

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Bloom allows you to add your bank information to invoices, in order to get paid through a bank transfer.

First, go to Settings > Payments and add your bank details.

Click edit, and then Add Item. You have the option to pick from the dropdown options, or, start typing to create your custom field.

To create a custom field, start typing in the text field. Once you start typing, you'll see a way to save the custom field. Click 'Add', and then enter the custom field details.

After entering the details, click save. Bank transfer will now be a payment option when you are creating an invoice.

When creating an invoice, toggle on bank transfers. This displays the details you entered for your clients.

Note, this payment is not tracked by Bloom, so if you receive a payment this way, the invoice will not automatically show that it's been paid off. You'll have to manually record the payment for the invoice.

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