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How to Find Your Form Answers
How to Find Your Form Answers

Learn where you can find form answers that your clients filled out.

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There are a few places you can find your form answers, but it depends on which form and how you sent it.

Lead Capture Forms:

When filled out, lead capture forms always create a lead, and the form answers will be viewable when opening the lead. Click on "Form Answers" on the top right part of your lead.

Instant Booking Forms:

Instant booking forms create a project when completed, and the form answers can be viewed in the "Forms" section of the created project. To view the answers, click on the form.


It matters how you send a questionnaire. There are two ways to send, and only one to get the answers to link back to a Bloom project or lead.

The recommended way to send a questionnaire is to do so through a project or lead. If you sent the questionnaire this way, then the answers will be attached to the lead or questionnaire.

However, if you copied the form URL in Settings > Forms and emailed or texted it to your client, it has nothing to tie back to in Bloom, and the questionnaire answers will be emailed to you.

When sent from a project, the questionnaire answers will be in the forms section of a project:

Scheduling Forms:

When a scheduling form is filled out, it creates an event in your calendar and will have the form answers attached to that event.

Also, if you've sent the scheduling form through a project or a lead, the form answers will be attached there as well.

When sent to a lead, you can find the form answers in the top right corner of the lead.

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