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How to Send an Invoice to Multiple People
How to Send an Invoice to Multiple People

How to send a quote or an invoice to multiple people

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With Bloom you can send an invoice or a quote to multiple people, here's how:

First, create a project.

Make sure to add all your relevant contacts to the project, especially those that you plan to send the invoice to.

Note: All contacts will receive the invoice/quote, but only the "Primary" contact's info will be on the invoice.

Second, add an invoice.

Add your items, due date, discount, add a retainer, and choose which payment options you will offer.

After you've created the invoice, click save.

Then click the 3 dots next to the invoice, and click "Send Invoice". This will open a popup where you will add the recipients.

Click on the recipients and add the other contacts.

If you click on the field under recipients, there will be a dropdown of all the contacts you've added to the project. Click on each contact that you'd like to add to the list of recipients.

Click on the contact again if you wish to remove it from the list of recipients.

Lastly, click send.

Your invoice will be sent to every contact you've added.

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