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Do I Need a Bloom Portfolio?
Do I Need a Bloom Portfolio?

Learn if you need to set up a Bloom Portfolio

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Every Bloom account includes a Bloom portfolio, but not everybody needs one. If you don't need to use this feature, then it is recommended to turn your portfolio offline.

The portfolio is a website that you can use to showcase your work. You can pick from 3 different themes, upload a gallery, enter your about info, and add a booking or lead capture form.

If you already have a website and do not want to use the Bloom Portfolio, you can switch your Portfolio to offline using the button on the top right corner.

The Bloom Portfolio and the client portal login share the same URL. If the Portfolio website is offline, your sub-domain is used as your client portal login. If your Portfolio is online, you can add a /login to the end of the URL to bring up the client portal login. (Try in incognito, it won't work if you're logged into your Bloom account).

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