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How to Set up Your Messenger
How to Set up Your Messenger

Configure your Bloom messenger settings

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The Bloom messenger allows you to communicate quickly with your clients and leads.

To configure your messenger, go to Settings > Messenger.

Enabling and Disabling Your Messenger:

In the top right corner, you can enable or disable the messenger, by switching between live and off.

When the messenger is set to live, it will appear on your invoices, contracts, forms, client portal, Bloom portfolio, and any external site that you've embedded the messenger into.

Website URL Checker:

This is a tool that you can use to see if your messenger has been installed on a website or not.

Once you've embedded the messenger into your website, you can type in your website URL to check if it is installed.

Header Style:

Pick between displaying your business logo or your avatar and name. Use the preview option to see the difference between the two.

Add Form:

You have the option to display a Bloom form in your messenger. Toggle "Add form" on if you want to display the form, and select which form you'd like to show.

Messenger Styling:

If you'd like to add text to the messenger chat bubble, enter it under "Button Title". If not, you can leave this blank.

Select a color for your messenger chat bubble under "Button Color". You can pick from our presets, or add a custom one by entering a color hex code.

Adjust the position of the chat bubble by setting the amount of pixels from the right, and also choose if you want to automatically open the messenger after 5 seconds.


Lastly, if you'd like to embed your messenger into an external site or Bloom custom site, you will need to copy the code located at the bottom of your messenger settings.

Click "Copy Code" and paste it into the head section of your website.

For more instructions on embedding the messenger, click here.

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