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How to Size Your Logo

Learn what size logo you should upload, and whether or not you need to add padding.

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In your Branding Settings, you can upload a logo to customize your invoices, forms, client portal, contracts, and more.

Logo Dimensions and Sizing

The maximum dimensions for your logo are 200 pixels in width and 50 pixels in height. This is the largest size your logo can appear within the Bloom platform.

Adjusting Logo Size with Padding

If you upload a logo with the maximum dimensions (200x50 pixels), it might appear too large on your invoices. To make the logo smaller, you can add padding to the top and bottom of the image. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Edit Your Logo: Open your logo in an image editing tool.

  2. Add Padding: Increase the top and bottom padding of the image. This effectively reduces the visible size of the logo.

  3. Re-upload the Logo: Save the edited image and upload it again to Bloom.

Important Note on Side Padding

Avoid adding padding to the sides of your logo. The alignment of your logo within Bloom varies: in some areas, it aligns to the left, and in others, it aligns to the right. Side padding can cause alignment issues.

Making Your Logo Appear Larger

If your uploaded logo includes padding and you want it to appear larger:

  1. Remove Padding: Use an image editing tool to remove any top and bottom padding from the logo.

  2. Re-upload the Logo: Save the changes and upload the logo to Bloom again.

By adjusting the padding, you can control the appearance of your logo to best suit your branding needs within the Bloom platform.

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