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Building packages
Building packages

Build a library of packages that you can offer as instant bookings to your prospects.

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Go to Settings > Templates > Instant Packages > New Package

Click here to go to this page.

Enter your package title, add an image, set the duration, and workflow, then add your invoice line items to the package.

If you haven't saved your invoice line items yet, you can create and save new items by clicking the new item button.


You can always edit or delete any of the items you've added in the menu to the right of each item.


If you require your clients to pay a deposit in order to book, toggle on the retainer.

Set the retainer amount, the final due date, and the charge method.

If you set the charge method to "Auto", your client's card info will be saved when they pay the retainer, and Bloom will automatically charge their card on the final due date.

If you set the charge method to "Manual", it will be up to your clients to pay the invoice on time.

Toggle "Offer Add-ons" on. Search for items you've already added, or add new items.

You have the option to attach a contract to this package. Click on the dropdown, and select a contract that you've previously added.

Click here to learn how to add a contract to your Bloom account.

Select which payment methods you accept. ACH payments are only available if you've connected Stripe as your default payment processor.

You can turn off all payment methods, which will allow your clients to book you without paying.

After you've completed all these steps, click save. Your package is now saved and ready to be added to an instant booking form.

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