Create a form where your clients can easily book projects offering packages, add-ons, scheduling, and payment fulfillment by integrating your Instant Booking packages.

Start by heading over to Settings > Forms > New Form.

Select Instant Booking from the selection

You'll have the Instant Booking form template opened, fill out the details accordingly, such as the title for the form as well as an Intro and Outro message. You can also add multiple different questions/entries for the form by selecting +Add Entry.

To enable instant booking in the form, be sure to add at least one package by clicking on edit on the right-hand side of the Instant Booking entry. Add a title for the Package being offered and create the package by adding the pre-existing templates. You can select up to 3 template packages or create new ones by selecting + Create a New Package. (If you are not sure how to create existing templates, head over here.)

One thing to keep in mind as you add a calendar title or question is that the available days/times will depend on your availability setup inside your calendar. If using instant booking, the scheduled date will be automatically applied to the project.

That's it! Be sure to use the Preview button to check out how the form looks on your website, or copy the URL to share elsewhere.

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