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Creating an Instant Booking Form
Creating an Instant Booking Form
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Create a form where your clients can easily book projects offering packages, add-ons, scheduling, and payment fulfillment by integrating your Instant Booking packages.

Go to Forms > New Form.

Select the Instant Booking option.

Enter your form title. Click "+ Add Entry" to add questions you'd like to add to your form.

To add packages to the form, click the edit button next to "0 packages".

You can create new packages from scratch, or choose from package templates that you've saved.

Choose "+ Create a New Package" or "Existing templates"

If you need to create a new package, read this help center article.

Skip the first step where it says to go to Settings > Templates, as you can create a package here as well.

After you've followed the instructions from the Building Packages article, go back to editing the instant booking form.

If you need to schedule a project date, make sure you have the calendar question enabled, and enable "Use availability settings".

One thing to keep in mind as you add a calendar title or question is that the available days/times will depend on your availability setup inside your calendar. You can learn how to set up your availability settings here.

If using instant booking, the scheduled date will be automatically applied to the project.

Note, there is a design tab and an embed tab. Go to the design tab to configure the look of your form. You have the option to change the background color of the form, change the text font, text color, text alignment, and button color, and pick between a button embed or direct embed.

That's it! Be sure to use the Preview button to check out how the form looks on your website, or copy the URL to share elsewhere.

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