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Integrating Xero with Bloom through Zapier
Integrating Xero with Bloom through Zapier

Learn how to integrate Xero with Bloom through Zapier by following these steps:

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Before you can integrate Bloom with digital accounting software Xero, you'll need a Zapier account. You can start one here.

During your Zapier onboarding you’ll be offered to add the apps and services you most frequently use. Be sure to add Bloom and Xero to your list for quicker access.

Once your Zapier account is all set up. You can now start creating automated tasks called ‘Zaps’ that you want to run over and over again between Bloom and Xero.

You will now have to choose your trigger and action for Zapier to know exactly what task to perform in Xero when your Bloom account receives a new digital payment. At the moment 'New Digital Payment' is the only trigger Bloom offers on Zapier, more coming in the near future.

Once you’ve selected your trigger and action, Zapier will re-direct you to the next page where you’ll be asked to securely input your login to both your Bloom and Xero account.

Be sure to input every field possible for a smoother integration.

After inputting all the information necessary for Xero, Zapier will then ask you to do a test run of the Zap to see if it performs properly.

If you are asked to re-test the Zap and an error code appears - review all necessary fields or simply troubleshoot the error code. If all the required fields are filled in with the correct information but the error code continues showing up, try running the Zap without the test.

If the test run is successful and no error codes appear, your Zap is ready but not live until you turn it on.

If you need to turn off, edit, or delete a Zap - you can do all that on your Zapier account’s homepage.

Zapier’s free plan supports up to 5 Zaps with a maximum of 100 tasks. To find out more about Zapier’s paid plans and pricing click here.

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