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Integrating Gmail with Bloom
Integrating Gmail with Bloom

Learn how to integrate your Gmail with Bloom with the following steps:

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If you choose not to use our email domain and want to utilize the custom domain that you’ve built for your business, Bloom allows you to integrate your own Gmail account to send automated emails from your personal inbox. The setup is quite simple:

  • Head to settings > branding.

  • Choose the Gmail account you want to integrate with :

  • Give our system permission to connect with your Gmail. You can find any information regarding permissions and privacy policies on the following page:

  • The previous page gives Bloom verification to connect with Gmail. Before you can complete the setup, you will have to verify with Google that you allow our system to integrate, and send your Bloom clients emails from your address. Please make sure to read the terms of service and check the privacy policy before verifying the integration:

  • If at any time you need to change your Google account or prefer to use Bloom's emailing services instead. Simply head back to settings to disconnect the current integration.

Please feel free to contact our online support chat if you need further assistance or email us here.

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