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Connecting your Stripe account with Bloom:
Connecting your Stripe account with Bloom:

Learn how to integrate your Stripe account with Bloom by following these steps:

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  • Bloom offers a choice of two different services that you can use to receive your client's payments: Square and Stripe. To learn how to connect with Square click here.

Connecting with Stripe:

  • After you've successfully created a Stripe account head over to your Bloom account Settings > Payments > Connect with Stripe

  • A new tab will open from Stripe asking you to verify Bloom's integration with Stripe. Be sure to read over the permission details and selecting the right account before connecting.

  • Stripe will automatically re-direct you back to Bloom after you verify. Double-check that your default payment tab is set to Stripe - especially if you were switching over from Square's payment platform.

    • Any invoices that were already sent out under Square will continue to be sent over through Square. Stripe will only process the payments made after it's been activated as the default payment platform.

You're all set up! You can now accept card payments from your clients via Stripe, to learn how to do so, click here. If you'd like to accept ACH payments as well you can learn how to enable that by clicking the button below:

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