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Enabling ACH in Bloom through Stripe
Enabling ACH in Bloom through Stripe

Learn how to set up ACH payments in Bloom by following these instructions:

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Before enabling ACH you'll need to create and integrate your Stripe account with Bloom. To learn how to do so click on the button below:

Which countries does ACH support?

  • According to Stripe, ACH transfers are only available in the US. You can see this in their help center here.

Enabling ACH through Stripe:

  • Charging your clients via ACH will save you from paying Stripe's card transaction fee of 2.9% + 30¢ per transaction. However, Stripe still charges a fee of 0.8% per ACH transaction with a maximum fee cap of $5.

  • Keep in mind, ACH transactions are not immediate and may take 3 - 5 business days. Stripe also has a limit of up to $25k per transaction. Any disputes and refunds will need to be processed through your Stripe account.

    • Stripe has their own ACH connection guide that you can find by clicking the button below. Make sure to read Stripe's Services Agreement before enabling ACH.

  • After clicking the Enable ACH button you should automatically see it change to ACH Activated. If the activation fails, this means you still haven't added your bank account to Stripe or they weren't able to verify it just yet. Please make sure to contact Stripe if this occurs.

Once the activation has been confirmed - you should now be able to accept both ACH and card payments from clients via Stripe. To learn how you can activate this in Bloom, click the button below.

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