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Creating and delivering image galleries.

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Bloom projects have galleries you can use to deliver images to your clients.

Go to projects, and select which one you'd like to add a gallery to.

After you open the project, click the three dots on the top right corner of your screen, and then click 'New Image Gallery'.

Drag and drop your files, or click to upload. Select which photo you'd like to be the cover photo. You can add and rename albums as you need here too.

Go to the design tab to customize the gallery. Pick the layout, spacing, font, and whether or not you wish to use dark mode.

Toggle between Cover and Gallery. Toggling to "Gallery" is just to preview what it will look like. All galleries have a cover image.

Next, go to the settings tab. There are a few things you can configure here.

Toggle on favorites if you want to allow your client to like images. You can track these in the Actions tab.

Toggle between private and public. If the gallery is public, anyone with the URL will be able to view the gallery. If it is private, they will have to type in a password or access the client portal to view the gallery. Learn about the client portal.

Choose if you want to allow your client to download the images. If yes, toggle "Allow downloads" on. If no, toggle it off.

Pick what size images your clients will be able to download.

The last two tabs "Downloads" and "Actions" is where you will see what your client has downloaded, liked, and commented on.

The last thing you've got to do is send out a message to your client and let them know that their gallery is ready!

Click the share button, and create the email you wish to send your client. It's possible to apply a template at this point.

You can also share the gallery at a later time. Just open the project and click 'Edit Gallery' and then 'Share'.

That's all there is to it. Send your client the gallery through Bloom, or copy the gallery URL and send it to your client.

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