Communication is a key part of your work as a freelancer - and while you can talk to your clients via endless back and forth messages and emails, some information can simply be done over a call. By integrating your Zoom account with Bloom, you can give your clients and yourself the option to schedule these calls and discuss any necessary project-related details. Learn how to do so with the following steps:


  • Navigate to Settings > Scheduling > Sign in to Zoom

  • A window should then pop up where you can enter your credentials or choose to log into Zoom via a connected application like Google. If you don't have a Zoom account - you can create one in the pop-up window as well

  • You will then be asked if you want to connect Zoom to Bloom. Make sure to read over all the permissions before clicking Authorize.

  • Once connected, the window will close and the scheduling settings page will show that you are connected to Zoom. To learn more about how you can utilize this integration, click the button below:

Uninstalling Zoom from Bloom

  • Navigate to Settings > Scheduling > Connect Zoom > Disconnect

Uninstalling Bloom from Zoom

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