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How to Create and Send a Proposal
How to Create and Send a Proposal

How to build and send estimates to your clients

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In order to send an estimate, you'll need a project. Go to the projects tab and click "Create Project". Alternatively, you can convert leads, contacts, and messages into projects.

Once you've created and opened a project, click the 3 dots on the top right, next to "Add Invoice". Scroll down through the options until you reach "New Quote".

Add all your line items and set your due date. You can also change the contact that you're sending the quote to.

Make sure to click "Options" if you wish to add a contract.

After your client accepts the quote, they will be prompted to pay, so make sure you set up all your payment method options. To do this, click "Options" next to "Payment method".

All that's left is to press "Create". Bloom will then ask if you are ready to send.

You can send the quote later at any point by opening the project and clicking the 3 dots next to the quote, and selecting "Send Quote".

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