Sharing Video Assets with Bloom

Learn how to send video files to your clients with Bloom. Can I use Bloom to deliver videos?

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There are two ways to share files with your clients in Bloom, through project galleries, and through "shared assets" in the client portal.

Project Galleries:

The project galleries were not designed with videos in mind and only supports image files.

However, you can embed YouTube and Vimeo videos in the project gallery images. To do this, edit your gallery, and click the 3 dots next to the image.

Shared Assets in the Client Portal:

Each project has a "Shared Assets" section that you can use to upload and share video files with your client.

Note: We have a 50MB file size limit.

Any file uploaded to shared assets will be accessible to your clients through the client portal. Also, if your client logs into their portal, they will be able to upload their own files, which you will have access to in your Bloom project.

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